Clock Screen Saver 1.5

No Image Clock Screen Saver is a stylish screen saver that displays the current time. The program works in analog, seven-segment digital and text digital clock faces. Every clock face is fully customisable. You can choose the time format to display, add current date to desktop, adjust clock size and customize clock color. You can also add glow and afterglow effects to make your clock look more attractive. Text digital clock face supports all fonts installed

Mechanical Clock 3D Photo Screensaver 1.0: Clock 3D shows you all internals and mechanisms that work perfectly in sync.
Mechanical Clock 3D Photo Screensaver 1.0

clock? Want something special for you computer screen? Then get this amazing Mechanical Clock 3D Screensaver. It shows you all ‘internals’ and mechanisms that work perfectly in sync. We’ve hired a practicing clock master to be our consultant to help us design a realistic clock screensaver, selecting 18th century Swiss clock as a model. Mechanical Clock 3D Screensaver always works correctly and is never off, as long as your PC clock time is

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Premium Clock 2.70: Desktop analog and digital clock with beatiful skin collection
Premium Clock 2.70

Premium Clock is a revolutionary program that lets you enhance your Windows desktop by adding clocks, wallpapers, and much more to it. This new look is part of a skin, which is intended to both unify and clear up your desktop. You can switch skins, customize a desktop, or revert to the Windows Classic wallpaper. Premium Clock includes a fantastic new visual style, nearly a fifty high quality skins, analog clock, digital clock, and more!

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ShadowClock 5.0: Analog clock for desktop, clock with transparent arrows and clock face.
ShadowClock 5.0

Desktop clock for Windows is a transparent analog clock which settle down at top of all other windows. This desktop clock are easy for adjusting so that they could be easily noticed on any background, but would not irritate you also did not close the important elements of the interface. Save your time, use ShadowClock on your desktop. It is not necessary to go down in the tray to find out time. This desktop clock are always accessible.

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No Image
Time Clock 1.0

Clock has all of the great features of leading time clock programs with advanced capabilities such as email support, multiple time clock accounts, and redundant back ups. Softoma Time Clock email capabilities allow users and administrators to receive regular Time Clock reports. Email capabilities do not required any configurations to get going. Softoma Time Clock is configured to use Softoma Email Server. Users can leave comments when clocking in

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Chameleon Clock 5.1: Change the appearance of your Windows tray clock and desktop with new skins
Chameleon Clock 5.1

Chameleon Clock is a digital desktop clock which provides an attractive and useful alternative for the Windows system tray clock. Its appearance can be easily changed using widely available Winamp skins or bitmaps. It also includes Wallpaper and Screensaver clocks, MP3/WAV/Audio CD alarms, birthdays, precise atomic clock, calendar, time zones, countdown, and other time tools.

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Info-Clock Screensaver 1.5.8: Screensaver which shows the full information about time and date.
Info-Clock Screensaver 1.5.8

Info-Clock Screensaver is not only usual clock screensaver. It is screensaver which shows the full information about time and date. Stylish analog clock are periodically supplemented with digital clock and a monthly calendar. Digital clock show time with a special accuracy - it show time to within milliseconds. You can see the time in different time zones all over the world.

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